Mt Fuji & L'hirondelle

Omrise&Italianbar L'hirondelle

Welcome to website of 「Sweets & Dining L’hirondelle」
We are healing  cafe near the Kwaguchiko station.
  And  free  wifi

Please have a enjoy to Lunch・dinner&drinking time 
(We have a Vegetarian menu)
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Thank you!
Lunch menu

・Hamburger                   ¥1058
・Omelette with rice  ←Popular menu  ¥864
・Today's pasta                                    ¥864
      and more...
Sweets menu

・Some cakes                                      ¥370~
・Creps                                                ¥400~
・French toast                                    ¥700
Dinner menu

・Appetizer          ¥380~
・Sald              ¥788~
・A la carto                           ¥410~
(Tonkatsu other...)
・Pizza             ¥864~
・Pasta             ¥648~
・Rice              ¥950~
 and more more...
Drink menu

・Beer (Suntory)                 ¥648
・Wine   (grass)                    ¥648
・Shochu            ¥540
・cocktail            ¥648
・Coffee            ¥454
  and more・・・

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